Useful Links

World Kuk Sool Association. This is the website of the World Kuk Sool Association. The governing body for Kuk Sool Won. Here you will find extensive information regarding Kuk Sool Won.


Kuk Sool Won of Edinburgh & Falkirk. PJKN Donald MacKenzie (5th Degree Master) was the first black belt in Scotland. He was the first person in Scotland to be promoted to the rank of Master in 2010. He was also instramental in bringing the art of Kuk Sool Won to Scotland. He runs two very sucessfull schools in Edinburgh and Falkirk.


Floor4orce Paisley & Stirling. PSBN William Ennis (3rd Degree Instructor) was one of the first Kuk Sool students in Scotland. At Floor4orce PSBN William aims to bring families, young people, adults and new people together through a wide variety of Dance Styles, Martial Art Classes and Unique Fitness Programmes. 


EZ Sports. EZ Sports operate stores across Scotland supplying a wide range of sports supplements and martial arts equipment.